Simple Salt And Burn (part # 2 of 2) (complete)

Title:     Simple Salt And Burn

Author:     Pixiemagic78

Characters:    John, Dean  (17)

Summary:    John takes Dean on what he thinks is a simple salt and burn, but things go horrible wrong when Dean and a teenage girl are trapped by an angry spirit.

Scenario:     John spanks Dean, implied spanking of a teenage girl by her Father.

Implements:  Hand, Strap

Warnings:    Spanking of a teenager by a parent.  A few swear words.

Disclaimer:     I am in no way connected to the show or it’s actors.  This story is for fun only, I am not making any money form it.  

Author’s Notes:   This is my contribution for the 2012 Summer Contest.

Word Count-------5,548  total  (parts one and two)

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Chupacabra Hoax (part # 1)

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Title:        Chupacabra Hoax

Author:     pixiemagic78
Characters:     John (?)   Dean (14)  Sam (10)
Scenario:   Wee-chester,   John spanks Dean and Sam
Implement:  Hand, paddle
Summary:    Dean helps Sam get even with a bully at school, but things go wrong and they are all put in danger.
Author's Notes/Warnings:  A few curse words and spankings.


Dean stood in front of the elementary school, waiting for his little brother to come out.   The junior high school let out twenty minutes before the elementary did, which gave the fourteen-year-old plenty time to walk the three blocks to pick up his brother.   Then they both walked two more blocks to the current rental house they were staying at.

Dean hoped his brother had a good day at school.   It was their first day there, and Sam seemed to have trouble making friends at times.  Dean knew it was because the younger boy knew they never stayed in one place more then a couple months at most, which meant constantly leaving behind any friends that he had made.

Dean saw his brother rushing towards him, and frowned when he saw the grim look on his little brother’s face.

“Hey squirt.”   Dean quickly replaced his frown with a smile.  

“Hey Dean.”   The ten-year-old said.    “We need to talk.”

“Bout what?”   Dean asked, as they started walking.

“A couple hikers were killed last week, mauled by a large animal.”   Sam whispered, making sure no one overheard their conversation.    “Rumor is that a Chupacabra did it.    This wasn’t the first killing.”

“I’m sure it was a bear or something.”   Dean said.   “Dad would have known if a Chupacabra was in the area.”

“But there aren’t any bears in those woods.”   Sam replied.

“Dad’s not leaving till morning.”   Dean said.   “We’ll talk to him when we get to the house.   But I know it’s nothing supernatural, Dad would have known.”

The brothers walked the rest of the way in silence, every so often taking a glance to their left where the entrance to the woods was visible.  

They made it to the small rental house and went inside.

“We’re home Dad.”  Dean called out.

“Kitchen.”   Their Dad’s voice called back.

The two boys walked into the kitchen and found their Dad sitting at the table cleaning a shot gun.  Dean sat across from him and grabbed a rifle to clean.

“The squirts got something to tell you.”  Dean said, as he started cleaning.

“What’s up, Sammy?”  John asked his youngest.

“There’s a rumor going around that there’s a Chupacabra in the woods.”   Sam said.    “A couple hikers were killed.”

“It’s not a Chupacabra.”   John assured his son.  “I heard the same rumors and checked it out.   I know there aren’t supposed to be any bears in the woods, but it may be a large cat.   And the other deaths were over twenty years ago, and there were bears in these woods back then.”

“Told you Dad would’ve already checked it out.”  Dean smirked.

“I checked it out as soon as I heard the rumors.”   John said.  “But you did the right thing in telling me, son.”   He told Sam.   “If either of you boys hear anything, even if you are positive that it’s just talk, I want you to tell me.   Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”   Both boys said.

“Even if whatever in the woods is not a Chupacabra.”   John said.   “Something did kill two people.   So the woods are off limits.”

“Yes Sir.”  Both answered again.


The next morning, John had the Impala packed and the two boys were standing in front of him.

“I should be back in a few days, if not I want you to call Bobby.”

“Yes Sir.”   Dean and Sam answered.

“Sammy, listen to your brother and mind him.”

“Yes Sir.”   The ten-year-old said.

“And Dean, be responsible with the authority and do not torment your brother.”

“Yes Sir.”   The fourteen-year-old said.

“And remember, the woods are off limits.”

“Yes Sir.”   This time they both answered.

John gave each boy a quick hug, then he left.

“Can we go to the park?”   Sam asked, after they heard the Impala pull away.   It was Saturday, and was warm and sunny outside.

“Sure, let me grab some mags.”    The young teenager went into the room he shared with Sam and grabbed a small stack of car magazines.  Then the two brothers walked the half mile to a small city park.   The park was nearly deserted, since most kids slept in on Saturday and it was only eight o’clock.

Dean sat at one of the benches, one which enabled him to see the entire park and surrounding area.   Sam ran over to the swings and started swinging.

Three hours later, Sam was playing tag with a group of kids he had met at school the previous day.   The young boy was having a lot of fun.

“Oh man.”   Evan, a boy Sam’s age, groaned.   “Here comes Tim.”

Sam looked and saw a boy a couple years older then him walking towards them.  Two other boys around the same age as Tim were walking slightly behind him.

“Hey look.”   Tim said, sneering at Sam.    “It’s the new kid.”

Tim stopped directly in front of Sam, bending slightly so they were at eye level, and said.   “I don’t like new kids.”

The group of kids Sam was playing with took a couple steps back, obviously scared of the bully.

“Apparently you don’t like mouth wash or tooth paste either.”   Sam said, crinkling up his nose.   “I’ve got some change in my pocket, I will gladly buy you a pack of tic tacs.”

All of the kids, except Tim, laughed.  Even Tim’s two buddies thought the remark was funny.

“I will kick your scrawny ass.”   Tim hissed angrily.

“Give it your best shot.”  Sam replied, shrugging his shoulders.

Tim looked at him in confusion, usually little kids were scared of him. 

“Go on and do something if you want to.”   Sam said, sounding bored.  “I’ve got stuff to do.”

“Too many witnesses.”   Tim said, trying to think fast.   “But this ain’t over.”   Then he turned and walked away.  His two buddies exchanged looks, but then they followed Tim.

“That was amazing.”   Evan said.   “No one has ever stood up to my brother like that.”

“He’s your brother?”  Sam asked.

“Yeah, unfortunately.”

Sam glanced over at Dean, who had stepped closer as soon as Tim approached the younger kids.    Sam knew that Dean was waiting to let him handle things himself, but he knew that his brother would have stepped in if needed.   Sam knew he was lucky to have a brother like Dean.  He felt sorry for Evan, and for Tim.

Dean went back to his bench and his car magazines, and Sam went back to playing.   After another hour, Dean walked over and said it was time to go.

“You could have taken that kid.”  Dean said, as they walked.  

“Why bother?”  Sam asked.   “He walked away.”

“Punk gets in your face, you knock him on his ass.”   Dean replied.

“I prefer to handle things without fighting.”   Sam said.

“Whatever, Francis.”   Dean rolled his eyes.   Sometimes he just didn’t get his little brother at all.   


The rest of the day went by without a hitch, as did Sunday.    On Monday morning, Sam walked into school and saw Evan standing by the lockers.

“Hey Sam.”   Evan smiled. 

“Hey Evan.”

“Did you hear?”  

“Hear what?”

“Old man Perkins was in the woods last night, claims he saw a Chupacabra.”   Even said.

“I’m guessing Old Man Perkins is the town drunk.”  Sam said.

“No, he’s a hunter.”   Evan said.   “And he knows the difference between a wild animal and a Chupacabra.”

“My Dad said that there might be a whole family of them.”    A girl named Emily said, as she joined them.   “My brother heard strange noises coming from the woods a couple nights ago.”

“So did my sister, Jill.”   Another girl said, as she walked over.   “Her and her boyfriend were out on passion pass.”

“My cousin swears he saw something huge with glowing eyes running across the street near there.”   A boy said.

Sam listened to all of the talk, but wasn’t paying much attention to it.   He knew the truth, he knew it was just a big cat and a lot of talk.

The bell rung and all of the children scattered, hurrying to their classes.   Sam walked into his class and slid into his desk, which was an older desk with a lid that opened in order to store items in the compartment.   He opened the lid, then jumped up with a yelp of surprise when something brown popped out and hit him in the chest.   Sam stood, staring at the small ET doll that was now laying at his feet.   His face flushed red when the entire class burst out laughing.

The door opened and the teacher walked in.   “Settle down class.”  He demanded.   “Samuel, take your seat.”

Sam picked up the doll and threw it into the desk, then sat down.   Several of the students were still snickering.   Sam looked at the door and saw a smirking Tim peeping in through the cracked door.  

‘Dean was right.’  Sam thought to himself.   ‘I should have nailed the creep.’


At lunch, Sam was sitting with Evan and a couple more kids from his class.

“Tim’s a jerk.”   Evan said.   “He’s always picking on younger kids, and living with him is pure torture.”

The young boy grew quite as he saw Tim and his two friends walking over.

“Did poor little Sam get scared?”    Tim asked with a chuckle.    “I thought you were gonna start crying.”

“If you don’t back off, you’ll be the one crying.”   Sam said.

“Such big talk for a little scardy cat.”   Tim taunted.   

“I’m not scared of a Chupacabra.”   Sam said, forming a plan for revenge.    “In fact, I have a little bet.  That is if you’re not scared.”

“I ain’t scared of nothing.”    Tim said.

“Except a grammar book.”   Sam mumbled.   Then he said.   “I say we both spend the night in the woods tonight.    First one to leave, is the cry baby.”

Tim’s face paled and he swallowed hard.    He was obviously scared.

“Unless you want to admit to being a baby now.”   Sam said.

“You’re on.”  Tim composed himself.  

“Meet me at Passion Pass at midnight.”   Sam said.

“I’ll be there.   So will Derik and Jason.”   His two buddies looked at him like he just grew two heads.  But they followed him when he turned and walked away.

“You sure about this, Sam?”   Evan asked, nervously.   “I mean, Evan is a creep.  But he’s my brother, I don’t want him to end up as Chupacabra chow.”

“Don’t worry.”   Sam smiled.   

He knew how to get Evan back for embarrassing him in class, he just needed his brother’s help.  


“Okay, Sammy.”   Dean said that afternoon.    “Spill it.”

“Spill what?”   Sam asked innocently.

“You’ve been being extra nice since I picked you up from school.”   Dean replied.   “You volunteered to fix dinner, you volunteered to do dishes, and you’ve brought me two sodas without me even asking you too.    Now what did you do?”

“Nothing.”  Sam said, as he sat on the couch beside his brother.   “I need your help.”

“With what?”

“Getting Tim back.”   Sam replied, explaining what happened.

“You want me to kick his ass?”  Dean asked.

“No.   I want you to help me scare him.”

“What’s the plan?”  Dean was always up for scaring a creep.

“I bet Tim that I could stay in the woods overnight and that he can’t.”

“Have you lost your mind?”  Dean asked, glaring at the younger boy.   “Dad said the woods were off limits.”

“I know.”  Sam said, giving Dean his best puppy eyes.   “But Dad said the woods were safe.”

“No, Dad said there was not a Chupacabra in the woods.”

“Please Dean, he embarrassed me in front of the whole class.   And besides, you can handle any cat that shows up.”

Dean sighed, he knew he should say no.  But he couldn’t.   Tim wronged Sam, and he had to pay for it.     Nobody played a Winchester for a chump and got away with it.   Besides, he had trouble saying no to Sammy’s puppy eyes.

“Okay.”  Dean said. 

“Thanks, Dean.”  Sam smiled.

“So I’m guessing you want me to come along and scare the shit out of this kid?”


“If Dad finds out about this, I am going to kick your ass.”   Dean said.   


That night, Sam walked to Passion Pass.  Which was just a small parking lot at the edge of the woods.     Tim was the only one there, and the older kid already looked scared and jumpy.

“Where’s your friends?”   Sam asked.

“Decided not to come.” Tim said.   “Took you long enough to get here.”

“Let’s go.”

Tim nodded and both boys walked into the woods, each wearing a backpack.    Tim was becoming more and more nervous, but Sam was enjoying himself.   He knew his big brother was in the shadows watching them, he knew they were safe.

They walked for about half an hour, being carful not to trip on anything in the dark.   It was a full moon, but the tall trees blocked most of the light.    They finally made it to a large clearing and decided to camp there.

“You bring a lighter?”  Tim asked, as they made a pile of twigs and small branches.

“Yeah.”  Sam pulled his lighter from his jean’s pocket and started a fire.

“So we just sit here?” Tim asked.

“Unless you want to explore in the dark and break your neck.”

Tim pulled a small radio from his backpack and turned it on.   The two boys listened to the music in silence, and waited.     Sam sighed, wishing Dean would hurry up and jump out to scare Tim, he was bored.


Dean was sitting on a fallen log, watching his brother and the other boy.   He had a perfect plan, one that was bound to scare the hell out of Tim.   Dean planned to circle around, making rustling noises and loud grunting sounds as he circled.   Then wait until the twelve-year-old’s back was to him, and jump out screaming.

Dean carefully laid his rifle on the ground, propping it up with the fallen log.   Since something in the woods did kill two hikers, the fourteen-year-old was prepared.    He wasn’t going to take any chances with Sam’s safety.   Or with Tim’s.    He planned on scaring the kid, but he didn’t want the younger boy to get hurt.

Dean had taken a few steps, when he heard something behind him.   He turned, but saw nothing.    The young teenager stood still for a moment and listened, but heard nothing.

“Get a grip, Winchester.”   He mumbled to himself.    He was about to start shaking the bushes, when he heard something again.    This time he was certain something was in the bushes behind him.

With practiced ease, Dean silently walked back to his rifle and picked it up.   Then he stared in horror as a massive form charged towards him, out of the darkness.    Dean barley had time to react, ducking his head and spinning around.    The huge Grizzly bear’s paw missed the teenager by a mere inch.


“What was that?”  Tim asked nervously, as he jumped to his feet.

“Not sure.”  Sam stood as well, trying not to smile.     He knew the older boy was very close to running from the woods screaming.  

The sound of a rifle firing caused both boys to jump, Sam wasn’t expecting that.

“Chupacabra’s don’t use guns, do they?”    Tim asked.

Before Sam could reply, they saw someone run into the clearing.

“Dean?”   Sam asked with worry.     Even in the dim light, the ten-year-old could see the fear in his brother’s face.

“Run!”   Dean shouted.

A split second after Dean shouted out the warning, the Grizzly ran into the clearing and then stood up on its hind legs and let out a thunderous roar.

“That’s a bear.”   Tim said in shock.   

“Run!”   Dean shouted again.

All three boys took of through the woods.

“Are there any buildings near by?”   Dean shouted as they ran.

“Yeah, an old hunting cabin.”  Tim replied.   “No one’s used it in years, but it’s still in pretty good shape.”

“You two go there, now!”   Dean ordered.

“What about you?”   Sam asked.

“Now!”   Dean ordered, as he stopped running and faced the charging bear.   He knew the animal would overtake them before they made it to the cabin.   

“Dean!”  Sam stopped running and looked at his brother.

“Go Sammy!   That’s an order!”   Dean shouted.

Sam did as he was told and ran after Tim.

Dean raised the rifle and fired a shot, catching the bear in the front leg.   The shot caused the bear to stumble slightly, but did not stop it.   Another bullet in the same leg slowed the huge animal down some, but it was still charging the teenager.

Dean turned and ran after the younger boys, easily catching up with them.    They saw an old wooden cabin and headed for it.    They could hear the large bear behind them, getting closer.

Sam and Tim ran into the opened door and Dean turned around and fired shot.  The bullet clipped the bear’s back and slowed it down a little more.   Dean ran into the cabin and Sam slammed the door shut.  

All three boys leaned against the door, as the bear rammed into it from the outside.   The door rattled and popped, but held.   The bear tried ramming it again, and then all went silent.

“I…is it gone?”   Sam panted.

 “No.”  Dean replied.   “He’s still out there.”

“There are no bears in these woods.”   Tim panted, his voice cracking.

“Someone forgot to tell him that.”   Dean said.

“What are we going to do?”  Sam asked, as his eyes watered. 

“The first thing we’re going to do is to stay calm.”   Dean said.

“How can we stay calm with a fucking Grizzly out there?”   Tim shouted.

 “Chill it!”   Dean snapped.    Then he sighed and lowered his voice.   “I won’t let that bear hurt you two, but you have got to listen to me and do exactly I say.”

“What’s the plan?”   Sam asked.

Dean looked around the dark room and then shrugged off his backpack and pulled a flashlight from it.   Sam did the same, but Tim had left his back pack at the clearing.

“Someone’s been here recently.”    Dean said, as he shone the light over a stack of dirty dishes and take out containers that were sprawled out on the table in the main room.

“Hunting illegal here now.”   Tim said.   “Why would someone want to stay here?”

Dean ignored the question, not wanting to scare the younger boy with all of the possible answers.

“I found a lantern.”   Sam said, as he shone the light over the countertop.    “Two of them.”

“Good work Sammy.”  Dean praised as he quickly lit both lanterns and sat them back onto the countertop.

The room was bathed in light and Dean looked around, searching for any possible weapons or escape.     The living room and kitchen was connected as one large room, and there were two doors leading into other rooms.   Dean figured one was the bathroom and the other was a bedroom.

“Stay here.”    Dean said, as he laid the flashlight onto the counter top and picked up a Lateran.   “I’m going to take a look around.”

The fourteen-year-old walked through one of the doors and found a small bathroom.  Then he went through the last door and entered a bedroom.    There were two cots with slepping bags on top of them.    Clothes were laying on the beds and on the floor.

“There’s two men staying here.”   Dean said a few moments later, as he walked back over to the younger boys.  

“Where are they?”  Sam asked, not really if he wanted to know the answer or not.

“Probably inside the bear.”   Tim said, his voice shaky.

“We’re safe as long as we stay in here.”  Dean said, not beliving his own words.  He knew the huge bear could break the door down if he rammed it enough times.    He looked at Sam and said.    “When we’re outta these damn woods, I am so going to kick your ass.”

“What did I do?”  Sam asked.

“I told you if Dad found out, I was going to kick your ass.”   Dean said.   “And I have a feeling that Dad is going to find out about this.”

Sam gave his older brother his best puppy eyes abd really hoped that Dean was just joking.  


I hope you liked it, I will have the rest up in a couple days.  Maybe by morning.   This is the first time I posted a story here and am not sure I’m doing it right, I guess I will find out after it posts.